Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Jenna recorded her first demo at 15. She has been a professional singer/songwriter off and on for the past 15 years. With a wide variety of styles of gigs in Canada, Central America, the US and Europe, a feature on the Vancouver radio program Friday Sunrise, and her festival debut in the Yukon at ‘Sunstroke’ under her belt, she has honed the ability to blend adaptivity and diversity with signature personal style. Having taken a long hiatus due to vocal nodes she is now eager to perform again, and exploring new instruments and new aspects of performance including spoken word, dance, vaudeville and character work. Her performance style is intimate and sincere – An often eccentrically costumed blend of blues, soul, folk and heartbreak with a sense of humour.

11058695_10155851386560055_7079396810420548566_n“I believe that art is an incredible tool for self expression, personal healing and transformation – But more than that it’s about sharing something – Teaching ourselves to play again, learning to take ourselves less seriously as well as finding an outlet for our pain - Creating connection and community. My goal as an artist is to facilitate those things by getting up in front of people and letting myself be seen in the throws of that process with both a sense of humour and frankness about the struggle of it without pretending I have it all figured out. It is my hope to inspire other people to allow themselves be seen as well as encourage them to get out in the world and step into whatever their passions are through sharing mine. I have yet to be booed off of a stage in my 15 years of performance, and when I get up there I am 100 percent committed to giving you a show that is honest and heartfelt, as well as entertaining. This is both my love and my and my life’s work – The more support I have, the more of a difference I can make and the better I can do my job.”

- Jenna Mack.