I was born and raised in Vancouver BC. I released my first demo at 15 years old and have been singing and playing solo and with various bands professionally over the past 10 plus years in  Vancouver, various other parts of Canada and wherever my travels take me including Europe and Central America.

I was recording my first full length album in Vancouver but have put that on hiatus due to health problems and a desire to see more of the world. I currently reside in Bocas Del Toro and Palmira, Panama and can be booked for shows in and around the surrounding areas.


I songwrite because I’m pretty sure I have to. Writing is what helps me wade through the crazies in my brain to find out how I’m really feeling, what I should explore further and what I should learn to let go. I then perform because for whatever reason, I find putting myself on the spot and bearing my darkest secrets or just being vulnerable and at risk of serious embarrassment in front of a group of people I don’t know therapeutic. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I can get paid to do it. Cheesy or not, the very best part is actually when by fantastic accident I not only end up happier, but I end up bringing other people some happiness at the same time.


I struggle a lot with promotion. It feels odd to ask people to give me money to do something I get so much out of already, but as I would love to play bigger shows, make albums, videos, tour and eat to live…  Here’s my rough explanation of why you should hire me and buy my stuff:

I’m not going to claim that I will be the MOST AMAZING SINGER YOU’VE EVER SEEN, but I can tell you that in my ten 10 years of live performance experience I have not been booed once yet.  I can promise that I will treat my employers,  the patrons and the other performers with gratitude and respect. I can promise that I will happily chat and make time for any one who wants to ask me questions about the music or who wants to meet me. Every single time I play I’ll be doing my absolute best to give you an honest, sincere show and I can promise that I’ll work my ass off to try and to make your night at least a little more entertaining.

Take a listen/watch the videos available in the tabs at the top of the page and see what you think. I’ll work on getting more recordings up.